Morgan Frances Batey September 3rd, 2015

On September 3rd, 2015, my husband Ron and I delivered our daughter, Morgan Frances Batey. On that day everything seemed to be moving so fast, yet slow all at the same time. We were bombarded with decisions like which funeral home,  what casket, and which flowers? Did we want a public or private funeral? Did we want an autopsy? What outfit would we like her first and last pictures to be taken in? What outfit would we like her to be buried in? If my mother hadn't been there I don't know what we would have done. When I look back now, we should have been using that precious time to make memories. The memories we made with her are what we have for the rest of our lives. Even with all that my mother was taking care of for me, I have not one picture of her with her grandbaby. I don't have any pictures of Morgan with our family. I have three pictures of her, total. My other children never held her. We never dressed her or brushed her hair. Perhaps, if we would have had more time, or someone who had been down this road before to guide us, we would have made some different choices. I know that no amount of time would have ever been enough, I will always wish for a little more. So, we work so hard to get caring cradles to hospitals that need them in hope that others don't have as many regrets. In a perfect world no parent would ever have to walk out of a hospital with empty arms. It's not a perfect world. However, together, we can help give families more time. Time to let their world at least slow from the tragedy it has just endured. Time to say hello and goodbye. Time to make the memories that they will so desperately need to get through the days ahead. Just more time. Because Every....Moment....Matters....




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